Curriculum Vitae

Jorge Martinez Pizarro is 37 and was born in Madrid, Spain. 

“Jorge is a passionated science consumer who loves chess”


1999 – 2006: Working in a familiar business.

2000 – 2010: Mathematics by Universidad Complutense de Madrid

– Object oriented programming in java

– Algebraic structures and graph theory

2007 – 2008:  Algebra academic work,

– Algebraic theory of prime numbers

2007 – 2008:  Practices by Ingeciber SA,

– Develop from GUI using C++, Visual Studio and Microsoft Foundation Classes.

2008- 2009: Frontend developer by Ingeciber SA,

– Develop of an excavation module consisting on visualization and computation.

– Quality control via tests.

2009 – 2010: Erasmus in Leipzig, Germany,

– Improvement of english and german.

2010 – 2011: junior frontend developer for the HTWK Forschung Institut für Medizin,

– develop of widgets for OpenWalnut, using Qt and C++

– develop and assembly of a module capable to display EEG data

2011 – 2012: Web developer by Planquadrat software integration,

– Integration of several APIS for payment systems: payPal, Sofort Überweisung … etc.

– Customer support und customer oriented develop of a booking system to rent bikes

2013 – 2013:  Online course Programación funcional with Scala and Reactive Programming with Scala by

– Improvement of functional programming and Scala skills

2012 – 2013: Desarrollador para Universität Leipzig

– Homepage with typo3 para proyecto GEWISS:

– Develop of a web APP in java to browser and edit Transcriptions

2013 – —-:  Bitcoin Graph Explorer y Bitcoin Privacy,

– Administration of Linux servers Linux

– Bitcoin blockchain graph explorer written in Scala.

– Develop of a docker infrastructure containing several microprojects, e.g. :,

2013- 2016: Full stack developer en Lingolia,

– Online booking system using PHP y javascript

– develop of custom features for Contao CMS: and

– Develop of an Android APP for languages learning: Lingolia Daily

2016 – —-: Frontend developer by eccenca GmbH,

– Graph oriented databases: sparql stardog, graphDB 

– Frontend developed with node and React

– Test coverage and quality control of Corporate Memory

– Develop of customer projects successfully. e.g. Nokia

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